How to sell whisky casks

Selling your cask with The Grand Whisky Auction is completely hassle free and we only charge 6% sellers commission inc VAT when you sell whisky casks. You will be fully supported and your cask is guaranteed to reach a global audience to help achieve the best price possible.

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Reasons to sell with The Grand Whisky Auction

  • 6 % Seller Commission

    Cask sales are only 6% sellers commission!

  • Excellent History

    Previous global cask sales can be seen below.

  • Fast Payment

    Payment will be made within 24 hours of ownership transfer.

  • Cask Manager

    Allocation of a personal cask manager for support.

  • Recognised & Proven

    Client satisfaction is everything and we are rated 5 Star on Turstpilot.

3 Simple Steps

Whats involved


Free No Obligation Valuation

We are happy to provide a free valuation for your cask and we would love to chat to you about your cask and find out any details you have to help us do so.

Some information that may be useful when you sell whisky casks (but is not essential) includes: distillery, distillation year and any re-gauging information.

Please call us on +44 (0) 1463 210 427 or email [email protected]

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Once we have all of the required information and a sample if possible, we will have the cask featured in our next available auction. The online auction runs for 10/11 days auction calendar dependent and will be extensively marketed to a global audience prior to the auction going live and throughout. You will be kept up to date with every bid via email and progress can be tracked in your membership area. You can add a reserve price to the cask, if you so wish, to ensure a minimum price is achieved. Your dedicated account manager can advise an appropriate price and set this for you.

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Process Completion & Payment

Following the completion of the auction, the process for transferring the legal ownership will take place. This will again be handled by your dedicated account manager who can guide you through the process whilst liaising with all parties, including the distillery/storage location.

Upon completion of the transfer, payment can be made to you within 24 hours.

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Previously sold casks

What our sellers say

"From the very first contact, right up until the payment I was kept informed every step of the way. My cask account manager was very knowledgeable and honest from the outset. The price exceeded all expectations and the payment was very prompt mainly due to the organisation of The Grand Whisky Auction. If you are looking to sell a cask you will be provided with a 5 Star service."

J. Robson
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How much does it cost to sell whisky casks?

The Grand Whisky Auction is only 6% sellers commission for casks. 

A guide to other costs outwith The Grand Whisky Auction, payable directly to the distillery/storage location are as follows:

  • Reguaging: This can vary from around £50 - £200 depending on the distillery/storage location.
  • Sample: Approximately £50, however if done at the same time as the reguaging, costs can be cheaper.
  • Admin: Around £50 - £100 for the legal transfer of ownership.

N.B. We have a good working relationship with the distilleries and storage locations so some fees are variable and may not apply.

How much is my cask worth?

A free valuation can be given almost instantly if you have the information needed about your cask. The more information we have the more accurate a valuation can be given:

* Required

  • Distillery*
  • A regauge for the amount of bulk litres within the cask*
  • ABV %*
  • Distillation year*
  • Storage location
  • The original fill level (helps to calculate % loss over time)

What information do you require to sell my cask?

As mentioned above we require the Distillery that produced the spirit, the bulk litres, the ABV and distillation year.

Other factors can also help you achieve the best price at auction -

  • Having a sample to do tasting notes from & to send to potential buyers.
  • A picture of the cask in situ.

How long does transfer of ownership take?

The timescales for the transfer of ownership is dependent on a few different factors and can vary from 1 week to 12 weeks. This can be dependent on; the workload of the distillery/storage facility, paperwork completion, the postal service, buyer/seller location ect. What we do ask is that you have your side of the paperwork prepared and readied to allow this process to be completed swiftly.

Please be assured The Grand Whisky Auction will be doing everything in its power to have the transfer of ownership process and timescale kept to a minimum.

Do you accept other casks other than whisky?

Yes, we sell whisky casks but we also sell rum casks too. Please use the form above if you have a rum cask to sell. Alternatively, you can send an email to: [email protected]

I am looking to buy a cask, can you help?

Yes, we can help if you are looking to buy a cask. We often have casks available to buy in our auctions and we are also in a network of whisky brokers with stocks available. You can email us to request a stock list of casks available to buy directly: [email protected]. You can also register to receive email notifications of any casks in our upcoming auctions by completing the form below.

Looking to invest in whisky casks?

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Investing in whisky casks

Buying and selling at whisky auctions has become increasingly popular and seen as one of the best way to build a collection.

Cask auction sales have increased considerably and have opened up into their own new market.

With our 0% commission and zero lot registration fees for casks, selling at auction is a great way to maximise your investment. Our extensive list of buyers, from all over the world, are always looking for their next cask.